Whiteclay, Neb., based Lakota Hope ministry has productive summer for Jesus Christ

This summer was really busy. We have a lot of stories to tell now about what God has done over our summer. We will attempt to tell you about some of those here, but first here is a big change for Lakota Hope you should know about. 

Property Transition

Serve Ventures Inc., a Christian nonprofit, bought Lakota Hope’s property this spring. Lakota Hope retains occupancy of the office and directors Bruce and Marsha BonFleur’s cabin. 

The transition of property and the responsibility for teams is a “win-win-win.” Lakota Hope wins because it can now narrow its focus on its year round projects without the demands that teams and property maintenance bring. Serve Ventures wins by getting the facilities it needs to host mission groups. The people we serve win because this partnership allows Lakota Hope and our partner ministry Serve Ventures, to focus on their respective ministry goals of job creation, business development, and life enhancement. 

Summer Highlights 

A LOT has happened this summer. Here are a few highlights:

• Over 2,000 visitors came to Night of Another Hope, and each night heard God’s word preached by Indigenous speakers. One night 14 people were baptized. Night of Another Hope earned our artists well over $10,000.

• Seven homes were built over the summer through Serve Ventures.

• Nine teams were hosted over the summer - each one left with a new understanding and heart to pray for the reservation 

• We hired Nadine Morrison, a wonderful Lakota believer, as our programs specialist. Nadine has a Bachelor’s Degree in social work with experience running a victims’ services program. As a successful small business owner and a seasoned believer, Nadine brings that wisdom with her to serve as our programs specialist.  

• Lakota Hope/Grow Nebraska’s booth at the Oglala Nation Powwow earned $5,000 for our artists in sales.

• A micro-loan program began and is helping Lakota artists grow their businesses. 

• Two native-led accountability groups have been formed.  

• The Whiteclay Redevelopment L3C office has been established. (Stay tuned for a big announcement).

There are other things that cannot be shown simply through bullet points. Things like reconciliation, changed hearts, and shifts in the spiritual atmosphere are all happening as well.  

 Prayer Needs

Prayer for the Nebraska Supreme Court justices as they decide whether or not the beer stores in Whiteclay should remain closed. (For more detailed information on the August 29th hearing on the topic, see this link http://www.omaha.com/news/nebraska/nebraska-supreme-court-hears-argument...)

• Pray that God would provide wisdom and all the resources needed to continue the transformation of Whiteclay and the healing of the land.

• We are feeling the beginnings of more intense spiritual warfare for those of us at Lakota Hope. Pray for God to protect us and fight for us.

Visit us on our website at www.lakotahope.org.

Lakota Hope Ministry is an outreach to the people of the Oglala Lakota Nation. 

We are non-denominational. 

Both native and non-natives serve on the Board. 

Reprinted with permission.

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