This summer was really busy. We have a lot of stories to tell now about what God has done over our summer.

The practice of cremation is on the rise in the United States despite the practice being unBiblical. 

Ann Trail is a testimony that one person can make a huge impact for the Lord; she’s been doing it one bead at a time.

The Persecuted Church

Today in America, if you stand against the hard left’s new definitions of values and virtue, you will be insulted and falsely accused in the most aggressive way.


The Christian Soldier

Christians have many opportunities daily to serve others and spread the gospel, but particularity during the Christmas season. 

Becky Uehling | NLT

Co-founders Jill Vaughn, left, and Allison Huebner are pictured in the Deborah’s Legacy home.

It was her turn to share a joy or concern during the Bible study time. Christmas was coming, and her joy was obvious—she wouldn’t be in jail this year for Christmas.

As Christians continue to proceed into an age of lawlessness, it is essential that we teach our children, and remind ourselves, that there is solid reason and evidence to believe in God and Jesus.


Jesus Alone

It’s Jesus alone for every heartache.

It’s Jesus alone for every sorrow.

It’s Jesus alone, for each tomorrow.

Jesus Christ in me, for all eternity.

“Maybe you and I were never meant to be complete