Praying light into the darkness


It never fails that when I have the opportunity to share with an individual or a group about persecuted Christians, the response is, “What can I do?” or “How do I get involved?” And my response is always the same, “Please pray.” However, prayer often doesn’t feel like we are doing enough or we are unable to see any tangible evidence for our time spent in prayer. While there are many lessons that can be taught on the importance of prayer and the power of prayer, the main point I hope to get across is that prayer is what our persecuted brothers and sisters are asking us to do.

Once someone accepts the request to pray, the next question is “How do I pray?” With so many Christians facing persecution it can often feel overwhelming. The best recommendation I have is to work your way through the World Watch List and pray for a country each week. Use the country information on the Open Doors website,, and specific prayer requests received from Christians in that country and pray for God to move.

But I want to tell you that Open Doors has a new resource available that I believe will encourage you to keep praying. Use our new prayer lantern, pictured at right, as a way to remind you to pray but also to see the impact of your prayers. Each time you pray for a specific country, punch out one of the windows and see the light you have helped bring into the darkness. With each window punched out, more light will shine. Whether you place it on the dinner table to pray with your family, or place it in a prominent place in the youth room for you to pray with your students, use the lantern as both a reminder and encouragement to keep praying!

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