Is the world fulfilling you? If not, turn to Him who provides true life

Do you find Jesus difficult? I don’t mean difficult in terms of a sour disposition or as someone who pouts if they don’t get their way. No, difficult in what His Word proclaims. 

The Bible just isn’t politically correct and might offend someone, you say; or what He asks of you cramps your style, makes you question your desires and wants, and just doesn’t “fit” into your lifestyle. If you have found Jesus difficult, and have chosen to put Him in a corner, how is that working for you? 

The late 1800s English writer and lay theologian G.K. Chesterton stated once, “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.” 

So goes the times we live in.

 As secularists and the world of idols lead us away from, and to rejecting of, the only “way, truth and life,” (John 14:6) despair, pain, suffering and death seeps in. The promise that the  world can fulfill you without Christ is a lie.

There is a craving in you, in all of us. Something is missing in which this world, nor any other religion, does not and can not provide, no matter how many idols we bow down to, or how many new attempts secular thinkers make to live fulfilling lives without morality. 

The fact of the matter is there is only One who can fulfill our craving for love, and wholeness, and that is Jesus, our creator and Lord and where we put Him in our lives will determine our day-to-day and eternal reality. 

As Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias states in his book, “Jesus Among Secular Gods”, which he co-wrote with Vince Vitale, “ the world is spinning out of control....Jesus’ answers are unique, and true and provide the only coherent world view, combining truth with relevance to bring hope and meaning.”

Did you know that out of all the other world religions, only one person, only Jesus, claimed to be God and came from Heaven into a bodily form to take upon Himself our sins, and die in our rightly place so we can spend eternity with Him. All other religions give countless laws one must follow to find their gods. Christianity is the only religion where Christ sought US out, all of us, and freely gives us His love and eternal life, but only if we turn to Him. We do not have to do anything to earn His love. It is given to us freely, as a gift.

Let go of this decaying, sinful world that offers only sorrow, confusion and pain, and invite Jesus out of the corner of your life and make Him center. 

With Jesus, as Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 4:16, although we are outwardly wasting away, inwardly, with Jesus, we will be renewed day by day, and forever more. 

Jesus is the only one who provides true life, now and forever. 

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