Nebraska Family Alliance offers avenues for Nebraskans to pray for state’s law makers

Nebraska Family Alliance 

It’s easier to pray when you have a strategy. That’s what the Nebraska Family Alliance’s Capitol Prayer Initiative is about. 

NFA wants to provide you with strategic opportunities to pray.

There are two elements to the Capitol Prayer Initiative:

• A monthly prayer walk at the State Capitol;

• Urgent prayer requests sent straight to your phone via text message.

Texted Prayer Requests

The NFA understands that not everyone can make it down to the State Capitol to pray, but everyone can take time to pray right where they are, all across the State of Nebraska.

The NFA will text you their most urgent prayer requests when critical votes are being taken at the State Capitol; when their team members are testifying before committee hearings; when they need people to take action and contact their elected representatives. Nebraskans can be praying with NFA when they need it most. Text PRAY to 402-979-7729 to join.

Monthly Prayer Walk

The Capitol Prayer Walk began in 2002 and continues on each third Saturday of the month from 10-11:30 a.m. Central Time at the west entrance of the Nebraska Capitol. 

Adopt A Leader In Prayer

Do you want to pray for our leaders in government but don’t know where to start? Adopt a Leader in Prayer!

NFA will send you a free prayer resource packet. It also includes a magnet with a photo of your State Senator, to help remind you to pray daily for your elected leaders.

To sign up for Adopt a Leader, or for a full list of elected officials that represent Nebraskans and 30 prayer ideas, logon to NFA website at


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